“I never win anything!” How many competitions have you entered? “Erm none!” Have you ever heard the phrase ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it?’ Well at Dotcomper we aim to help you be in it to win it. We hear plenty of competition questions every week so while we devise a full competition FAQ, here’s a short run down:

  • You won’t win a competition if you do not enter
  • Entering a prize draw is relatively simply, enter name, email and contact details but be careful who you give these to
  • Spam? Sure, that’s a real possiblity, simply read the terms on how they will deal with your details. If they are selling it on to a third party, then it is probable you will receive phone calls at a later date.
  • Are they worth it? If you feel winning a car, holiday or a set of books is worth signing your contact details away then yes? Most businesses act responsibly when receiving your details, to do otherwise would just annoy their future customers. Most will treat your details with respect.
  • A few tips, try and select online competitions and offline competitions where the number of entries will be lower.
  • Another tip is to complete personal details in your web browser and save so it is easier to enter phone number, email and address in future. Making entering online competitions even quicker to enter, once found.

How Do Competitions Work And Why Are They Run?

It seems every business and organisation runs a prize draw from time to time. But why do they offer them at such a high cost? A company uses a competition for several reasons. To gain awareness about their business and or product, to gain free publicity that simply cannot be bought and also to gather information about people in their locality, email address, telephone numbers and addresses, enabling them to sell their product to you at a later date. Some businesses may well sell this data on to profit further.

In essence competitions are relatively simply affairs. UK laws regarding competitions suggest that most should be free to enter and should involve some level of work to win. Invariably these are multiple choice questions that are easy to answer, however other competitions require tie breakers or slogans to enact more creativity. The crux however is there needs to be a winner or selection of winners. These tend to be picked at random by computer or on a smaller scale, by a person or team in the company.

The Many Different Types Of UK Competitions

The ideas and concepts of UK competitions are far reaching. Some involve technology connected to the internet, others operate across text messaging and phone lines as a means to both profit from your entry and the cost of a premium phone number. Some competitions are more tradition, reply by postcard or return a used sweet wrapper or a bottle cap with a code on.

Though competitions tend to be similar, the prizes can be wide ranging. Free installation of double glazed windows not being the same as win free double glazed windows. Holidays, breaks, theme park trips, cars, bikes, xbox and computer games, alongside fashion, shoes, clothing and contemporary furnishings are all winnable across a great swathe of different retailers and businesses.

Finding competitions and lots of them on a continual basis is often the hardest part. Entering can be a little time consuming also. If you are just starting life as a comper, choose a route to take that makes entering more simple at the outset. If you buy products regularly, then do so to collect tokens and send off for the item. If you have a favourite sweet or magazine, continue to buy them and enter any competitions/ Or perhaps you listen to the radio but have never phoned in. Why not take the leap and call?