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Everyone has read news in the papers and online about people who regularly enter competitions and actively seek them out in magazines, brochures, on sweet shelves and drinks promotions. Some make a living out of entering thousands a month and winning, others an average wage but the time spent can be consuming. We make entry and finding competitions easier.

Competitions can vary from simply providing the answer to an easy question or choosing the correct answer from multiple choice. Then the task of filling out a form providing your email, phone number or address for their database. You can also win for being creative and answering tie breakers with high quality slogans and providing feedback on a company.

Millions of people enter competitions in the UK, some fair better than others. Our community actively seek out UK competitions and detail them online via our message boards and businesses enter their offers and competitions into our directory. At any one time we have 1000’s of pounds of UK competition prizes on offer. With free draws, tiebreakers, question only and a great deal of voucher codes and offers submitted also.

The concept of entering many competitions is the numbers game, surely you are bound to win a prize should you enter many more than another. Or perhaps it really is just luck. The chance to win a car, a holiday, a salary for a year, free insurance cover or a Christmas hamper can be too tempting. While some people do indeed shrug off free prize draws thinking they won’t, the majority contemplate that someone has to win.

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Browse our competition directory which businesses and fellow compers have submitted the latest prize draws and tie breakers too. Search upon any type of comp, from the arts, to games, health and holidays, prizes for sports, shopping online gift vouchers with entries and offers for business to business, so called B2B competitions.

Sign up to the competition forum and tell us the competitions you have seen, competitions you have entered and any prizes which you have one. Tell us your compers story. Visit our spectacularly online competitions section for news about the latest free to enter competitions, that often only require an email and no purchase. Others however will see you entered into a prize draw after purchase.

Online competitions and free prize draw entry is time consuming. Visit our competition FAQ and Competitions tips page for details on how the professional compers complete so many forms in a year to stay on top of their compers hobby to ensure they win.